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Hi There! I am Melissa Taylor-Dowler. The #1 thing to know about me is I AM OBSESSED with yorkies! I usually have between 8-10 adult Yorkies living in my home. Before I decided to become a full time pooper scooper, I was a Registered Denal Hygienist. When I bought my first Yorkie I fell in love and I realized quickly they were my passion. In my search for finding the right Yorkie, I realized how many Yorkie Breeders were out there breeding poor quality, unattractive, and unhealthy Yorkies. I wanted and needed to help bring the beauty back to the breed. I strive to breed for the better, I want to produce only Healthy, Well Tempered, Well Bred, BEAUTIFUL pets. I have spent the last few years combing the entire USA in search of only the best Yorkies to add to my breeding program.    XOXO Melissa

Meet the Breeder: Welcome
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